VIRAL 0: You back visionaries

Where you typically invest:

You back a strong founder with a big idea – you back people and their story and their vision first and foremost. At this stage you’re likely not putting capital into companies. You may house entrepreneurs in residence (EIR) or provide incubation or other in-kind support to promising founders.

Common questions you should consider asking in due diligence:

  • Vision and Impact:What is the problem you’re trying to solve and what does the world look like if you solve it?

  • Commitment: How much have you invested in your idea so far? Are you willing to quit your job to pursue this full time? Have you asked everyone you know for money? Are you working a full-time job by day and working another full-time job on nights and weekends?

  • Team: Are you on the hunt for a team, and who have you shortlisted? What complementary backgrounds do you and your potential co-founders have?

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