VIRAL 8: Scaling like Crazy.

You’re scaling quickly in multiple markets (customer segments, geographies, or sectors).

Revenue is growing above industry standard and your customer base growing faster every month.

You’ve likely already turned down one or more acquisition offers.

Your Detailed Results:

What investors at this stage are likely to like about your business:

  • Revenues:

    You’ve nailed the market, regularly beating competition in your industry revenues. Customers are renewing and you should be able to articulate your renewal rate. You can point to industry benchmarks and show that you’re beating those revenue benchmarks month over month. Your customer base is growing every month across multiple markets.

  • Brand:

    Customers are coming to you, not the other way around. You have numbers on inbound versus outbound leads and at this point your unit economics are extremely strong and you’re tracking toward bottom line profitability.

  • Product:

    Your product, or suite of products, is delighting customers in multiple markets and your team has a clear product roadmap on how to continue to iterate and stay ahead in the market.

What investors at this stage are likely to ask questions about:

  • Exit Strategy:

    At this point you’re going to need a team that can navigate a successful, profitable exit. What is your exit strategy and who on your team has the expertise in M&A, IPO, etc. to navigate this process?

  • Unit Economics:

    You have strong unit economics in at least one market but you may not in all of your customer segments – where are you unit profitable, where are you not, and what’s your strategy to get to bottom line profitability?

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