VIRAL – Entrepreneurs

Understanding VIRAL

VIRAL stands for “Venture Investment Readiness and Awareness Levels”

VIRAL is a pathway of nine levels a company goes through, up to a successful liquidity event. As you grow your business, VIRAL is a self-awareness tool to assess progress, identify key milestones you need to hit to raise your next round, and ultimately build a profitable business with successful exit.

VIRAL outlines eight categories of a business that investors typically evaluate. Entrepreneurs have to hit milestones in each of the eight categories to level up.

Below you can see a grid showing the nine VIRAL levels a startup progresses through, and the eight business categories that entrepreneurs must focus on at each level of their development.

At bottom are links to detailed descriptions of each level containing outlining the kind of due diligence questions investors tend to ask at that level, and milestones entrepreneurs need to complete in order to attract their next round of funding.

VIRAL 8: Scaling like Crazy.

You’re scaling quickly in multiple markets (customer segments, geographies, or sectors). Revenue is growing above industry standard and your customer base growing faster every month.

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