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    VIRAL Level(s): 4

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    VIRAL Level(s): 4

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    VIRAL Level(s): 4

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    VIRAL Level(s): 4

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    Check out the premium range of motorcycle leather race suit at leather collection. The wonder of innovation & creativity offers excellent comfort with the pre-curved arrangement, Top grain Kangaroo and cowhide leather ensures abrasion and cut resistance, and technologically advanced protection assures impact at best.


    Sector(s): Energy

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    CelebConnect is going to launch social media app TownChat and web platform TownPals with unique features not provided by Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp. It will address privacy issues by providing secure sign up and sign in through facial recognition. TownChat will provide augmented connectivity to more than 4 billion people worldwide who are not connected to internet and e-Wallet service to 2 billion unbanked people globally. TownChat is first ever app that will allow off internet messaging without any limitations. It will not only connect the unconnected ones but will also allow users to process payments without internet. Our e-Wallet TownCash will allow unbanked people to deposit and make payments for online and offline transactions in a more secure and hassle free way. TownPals will allow users to share their stories, experiences, photographs and videos in a secure and privacy oriented environment. Politicians and celebrities will connect with fans and voters for better convening.

    Sector(s): Financial Services, Information and Communication Technologies, Tourism

    VIRAL Level(s): 4

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    VIRAL Level(s): 3

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    VIRAL Level(s): 4

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    Regulr is internet cookies for brick & mortar businesses.For decades now, e-commerce has enjoyed an unfair advantage over main street businesses simply by being able to remember each & every customer plus their preferences.Regulr is tipping the scales back to local business by powering a perfect memory behind every friendly face. It's a free mobile app & premium subscription business platform leveraging a combination of technologies to create a moment that's never been possible before. Regulr gives business staff the ability to identify repeat & returning customers by name as they walk in the door. Staff in real-time automatically gets the customer's preferences, likes & dislikes, & shopping history to help personalize their experience; enabling staff to greet customers by name, adding a personal touch. Regulr enables businesses to deliver an unparalleled level of customer service while empowering customers to control their experience & data. Shouldn't every customer feel like a regular?   **For an in-depth look at Regulr visit:

    Sector(s): Information and Communication Technologies

    VIRAL Level(s): 4

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    Swemkids seeks to give Black youth access to water safety and swimming lessons.

    Sector(s): Health

    VIRAL Level(s): 2

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    French Slide™ is an affordable all-in-one patio door which slides both left and right, and due to our proprietary hinging technology, also opens out to provide homeowners with a sense of luxury at a low cost. We have developed a proprietary track system which focuses on ADA compliance and ease of access. French Slide™is reinventing the patio door and eliminating the need to choose between sliding or hinging. The original patio door, now known as the French or hinging patio door, provides the homeowner with a luxurious experience because of its ability to open up completely, but they don’t work everywhere, such as many coastal areas, due to space constraints and performance requirements. Sliding patio doors, introduced to the market much later, offer homeowners a space conserving, high performing and low-cost alternative, however; they lack the luxury French hinging doors bolster. French Slide combines the best features of both sliding and hinging patio doors while eliminating their cons, to create a truly all in one patio door perfect for any space and every place.

    Sector(s): Housing, Retail

    VIRAL Level(s): 5

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