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    Common Caches is a Virginia-based startup that is building a digital evidence management system for law enforcement and private industry.¬† We have been focused on the use case since the Boston Marathon bombing (April 2013), building the solution since early 2016, and will release a fully-functional (i.e., not MVP) and production-ready offering in early Q1 2020.   In addition to building the solution we are heavily focused on building relationships with potential customers, go-to-market partners, and complementary solution providers. An overview of our product:   Media Share is a digital evidence management system. It supports the needs and budgets of the largest Federal customers to the smallest local departments with:   - A unique focus on ease-of-use - Support for video, audio, documents, etc. - Machine-learning, automated, and human metadata annotations - Scheduling of 3rd party analytics (transcripts, facial/vehicle recognition, LPR, etc.) - Alerting and reporting - Sharing and exporting - Tip line (crowd source and selectively obtain) - Chain of custody and retention rules - Mapping and timelines - 1000s of concurrent end-users across multiple sites - Flexible deployment (on-premises, cloud, hybrid)   We are an intentionally small company for the following reasons:   - Hyper-focus on customer needs - Avoid code bloat which typically occurs with too many 'cooks in the kitchen' - Low operating costs to be profitable at any level of sales activity

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    Lighthouse Labs is a non-profit, mentor-driven startup acceleration program connecting promising founders with proven mentors, investors, support services, working space and lean startup education to move from idea to viable high growth venture in three months.

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