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    French Slide™ is an affordable all-in-one patio door which slides both left and right, and due to our proprietary hinging technology, also opens out to provide homeowners with a sense of luxury at a low cost. We have developed a proprietary track system which focuses on ADA compliance and ease of access. French Slide™is reinventing the patio door and eliminating the need to choose between sliding or hinging. The original patio door, now known as the French or hinging patio door, provides the homeowner with a luxurious experience because of its ability to open up completely, but they don’t work everywhere, such as many coastal areas, due to space constraints and performance requirements. Sliding patio doors, introduced to the market much later, offer homeowners a space conserving, high performing and low-cost alternative, however; they lack the luxury French hinging doors bolster. French Slide combines the best features of both sliding and hinging patio doors while eliminating their cons, to create a truly all in one patio door perfect for any space and every place.

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    Lighthouse Labs is a non-profit, mentor-driven startup acceleration program connecting promising founders with proven mentors, investors, support services, working space and lean startup education to move from idea to viable high growth venture in three months.

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