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    A device to detect and stop stovetop fires.

    FireBot is a small, battery powered, device that will automatically activate in case of a fire to properly extinguish a stovetop fire to prevent damage and injury. 


    FireBot inconspicuously attaches to the underside of your range hood, out of sight. It waits until it reads an abnormally high temperature that signals an out-of-control stovetop fire.

    Upon activation, it sprays environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water-based fire suppressant to extinguish a fire -- even a grease fire on all four burners. At the same time, it activates an audible warning alarm, sends a z-wave signal to turn the electric or gas to the stove off and notify the owner or monitoring station of activation or even low battery.

    FireBot costs $45 to manufacture; FireBot will retail for $165. There are over 100 million kitchens in the United States. If we can place a FireBot in just 1% of those kitchens, that's one-million units sold, which equals $165 million in gross sales, and that's just the U.S.!  We hope we can provide the solution to put an end to this yearly problem.

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    VIRAL Level(s): 9

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    GoldensLeather is an international online standard business enterprise of the state-of-the-art in girls clothing, women, and men. Add-ons and components, informal clothing, special occasion outfits and additives, wedding clothing, men outfits,  and much greater top notch merchandise and affords. Our determination is to supply an expansion of top exceptional, stylish style clothing at super manufacturer direct charges in conjunction with category-leading customer support enjoy to our worldwide community of customers. The more you purchase, the extra your store. Our website is available in numerous giant languages to serve our continuously developing international consumer device. Whether or not you're a personal client in France looking for the most up-to-date fashion clothing, or a shop proprietor or enterprise supplier seeking out providers, is ideal for you because of our great merchandise, low trendy prices, rapid distribution and devoted professional carrier – all underpinned by means of the pressure of our global outreach. Such as Hot Leather Wear, Hot Leather Dress, Men Leather Jumpsuit, Nicely Crafted Men Leather Blazer, Perfectly Design Men Real Lamb Leather Pant, Men Leather Blazer, Women Leather Blazer, Men Leather Coat, Women Leather Coat, Women Leather Top, Fringes Details Awesome Style Women Leather Short.    

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    Helping corporates find cognitive soft-skill talents through neuroscience-based games.

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    Micronic Technologies, a woman-owned small business, was established to develop, patent and commercialize an advanced state-of-the-art water purification system. The system, MicroEVAP™, removes virtually all contaminants from almost any source water.  Start-up capital, five patents, facility development, two lab prototypes, a field pilot, third party independent testing, millions in state and federal grants, and a leased 14,000 sq. ft. building describe its dynamic history. MicroEVAPTM cleans and concentrates highly contaminated wastewater for economical disposal. The system uniquely separates contaminants from water using mechanical evaporation, vapor compression, and condensation with increased throughput at reduced complexity and cost. Creating a small concentrated waste stream for efficient disposal, MicroEVAP™ removes >300,000 ppm of total dissolved solids and >95% of inorganics, metals, bacteria, and suspended solids.  

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