Isn’t welcoming a new member to your family always been a happy occasion? But going through pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on the shape of the mothers body. As the baby grows in the tummy the skin expands to make room for it. After childbirth this skin won’t get back to its original shape immediately. Exercise and diet may be of small help but to get back to shape you may need a cosmetic correction. That is, you can undergo mommy makeover Raleigh NC. It is safe and very popular and has helped many mothers to get back into shape.

A Combination of Procedures

This Mommy makeover isn’t a single procedure but a bundle of different procedures put together. What are these different procedures then. These can be listed thus.

• Breast implants

• Breast reduction

• Breast lift

• Liposuction

• Tummy tuck

• Mini tummy tuck

• Labiaplasty

• BBL surgery

• Non-surgical procedures like fillers, Botox and so on

Now did this big list put you in a quandary. No, it needn’t be a cause of worry. You needn’t undergo all of them. You can choose any or all of these depending on what correction you would need to get back to shape. Each of these procedures addresses a particular area. According to what disfigurement you have faced the surgeon may give some suggestions. On the basis of this you can have your pick for the improvement of your body.

Prepare Well for Recovery After Mommy Makeover

The recovery time may be different in different women. It depends on factors like body’s natural recovery process and the number of procedures you pick in the combination of these procedures. As such have some pre surgery preparations. As a working woman you may need to apply for leave. After the outpatient procedure once you return home of course with someone’s help you need proper rest and that is possible only when there is enough comfort. Prepare well for this before the surgery.

Return to Normal Activities

The plastic surgeon Raleigh would give some follow up instructions post-surgery. Do follow them it will help you recover faster. No heavy work or lifting weight, don’t stress, take medicine on time and so on can be the suggestions. Then in 8-9 weeks you can get back to your normal life. Respecting the surgeons suggestions may help you recover faster and you’ll stay safe and healthy.

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