Bathroom renovation is a hectic job because bathroom vanities are hard to decide. A bathroom vanity can be considered the heart of a bathroom because the overall ambiance and look depends entirely on your choice of vanity. From the sink to bathroom cabinets, everything comes under bathroom vanity.

You can either go by a classic rule and decide your bathroom vanity based on the interior of your home or you can try something new. For example, if your home is set up mostly on mahogany interiors then wood vanity might go well for a bathroom. It depends completely on your taste but whatever you choose make sure that it brings out the best out of the interior. If you are meticulous regarding fine details then you can even go for custom closet organizers and create a unique design for your place.

Now, bathroom vanities also offer variety. Here are the types of vanities you can go for:

1. Wood Vanity:

As I already said, a wood vanity shall definitely look good if your entire interior is based on the wood. Some of the wood vanities are made from oak while the others from mahogany. There are some cheaper varieties made out of low-quality wood.

Installing a wood vanity is thus a very wise decision because it gives a luxurious look.

2. Glass Vanity:

A glass bathroom vanity is one of the most preferred bathroom vanities. Glass vanities are basically an amalgamation of high-quality wood, glass, and steel. Nowadays, glass vanities are also extended to shelves and cabinets. You can easily spot them in hotels and restaurants.

Overall, if you want a contemporary look for your bathroom then glass vanity is a go-to option.

3. Antique Vanity:

Some people prefer antique designs when it comes to decorating their home. The good news is you can even choose an antique vanity for your bathroom. It is quite similar to the wood vanity with the main focus on the wood intricacies.

If you want to give an out of the ordinary look to your bathroom then antique vanity is the best option.

4. Contemporary Vanity:

Contemporary vanity tends to enhance the aesthetic value of your bathroom. It includes pedestal sinks, wall-mounted sinks and such innovative designs which automatically give a lavish look to your place. The marble designs are unique as well as impressive.

If you want your bathroom to stand-out then contemporary vanity is the suitable choice.

With so many options available, it is quite obvious for you to get confused. However, you no longer need to worry because you can get an expert solution under one roof. Olympica offers a wide variety of renovation for its clients as well as counseling regarding the choice of vanities. You can find them on

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