While having kitchen renovation the main task that comes for home owners is to pick the right kind of countertop for their kitchen. Countertop is the highlight of the kitchen and it gets thoroughly used as well. So, a countertop should be beautiful and functional both to serve completely to your kitchen. There are ample of options available in the market to choose from, it depends on your preferences, budget and specific requirements. If you are considering granite countertops for your kitchen then it would be the best choice one can ever make. As it has always been said about granite countertops that they are “hard as rock”. Strong, easily manageable, durable and infused with unique natural designs. Granite Countertops Vancouver working with the top suppliers to provide you high quality granite countertops.

Serving as both kitchen showpiece and workhorse, countertop’s play a crucial role in today’s kitchen. Countertops are site of all food preparation; they are expected to be scratch-proof, heat-proof, stain-proof, beautiful and economical. No matter choosing a countertop is such an intimidating decision.

But it needs not to be so tricky. Instead of getting intimidated or seduced by the endless options available in the marketplace, begin by asking the right questions. Here is a list of questions you should ask before you select granite countertops Vancouver:

1. How will you use your countertops?

The most crucial part of your countertop decision must be determined after an assessment of how and your family use your kitchen. For example, if you have kids in your home, your kids will be in the kitchen “in-between” meals. In this case, it is important to withstand a variety of clean-up styles, without having to be extra vigilant.

2. How much maintenance can you handle?

Some countertop materials come with a long list of upkeep demands, while others are extremely resilient. Be realistic about how much time efforts you can put into the care of your countertops. For example, porous materials like limestone, marble and granite need sealing once a year. Before falling in love with material, learn about the demand of losing it.

3. What are your kitchen requirements?

Determining your kitchen requirements will be extremely helpful to get an idea of how many linear feet of countertop you will need. This way you can also gather information about how to create ballpark figures for each material and make comparisons. For design and budgetary reasons, you might have to decide to use two different materials.

4. What is your budget?

Ranging from $22 per square foot for a plastic laminate to $250 per square foot for granite, the cost of a kitchen countertop varies widely and also depends on local suppliers and builders.

Bearing in mind that a good kitchen countertop, if taken proper care, will last indefinitely, it is smarter to get your idea material first and then find a version that fits your budget. It is often reasonable to spend more than you planned, as you will be going to living with this decision for many years to come.

5. What materials speak to you?

For the ones who are design obsessed, aesthetics can’t be ignored. However, it would be shame to select a countertop based on beauty alone, and realize after installation that it is not the right match for you. Working out why you are drawn towards certain materials over others will help you make the final choice with confidence.

Treat your countertop like any big investment. When it comes to make the right choice for countertop, Century Cabinets is the name to consider. Century Cabinets is known for providing one of its kind vanity Vancouver.

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